We are a small family run Thai restaurant with a big personality and passion for serving nothing but bona fide Thai food and desserts. Our entire kitchen staff is Thai and all of our food is a labor of love, we use nothing but the highest quality ingredients, and always choose to source locally when we can.

You may have already noticed by now, but in case you haven’t, our mascot is a little duck named “Kew”. Why the duck? Mama’s favourite thing in the whole wide world, as strange as it sounds, are cute yellow ducks. Why is his name Kew? Because all the Thai girls thinks he looks so “Kew”!

The entire restaurant is inspired by him and his playful nature, but we also like to keep things fun, light hearted, and simple. So when you come to our space, come relaxed, be open minded to trying something new, and most importantly come HUNGRY!